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What to pack for your Honeymoon?

That was a question my client Jekaterina was concerned about! I met Jekaterina a few years ago when we did her Colour analysis  and style consultation together. With the wedding preparation and her demanding job, Jekaterina thought that leaving me to create a capsule wardrobe for her honeymoon in the Maldives within her budget was a great idea. Online Personal Shopping is becoming more and more popular as our lives are getting busier than ever. This is something we can do via Skype 🙂

After receiving Jekaterina’s filled questionnaire, she gave me carte blanche to start the selection of clothes, swimming costumes, shoes, accessories and bags. I created a list of “basics” based on her number of nights away and ensured that most of the items mix & match in terms of style and colours, saving her money and luggage space.


I created a list of outfits for her that were suitable for day time but also chose some tops, trousers and dresses that she will be able to wear in the evenings with a different pair of shoes (some are also fine for her work!). I also picked some nice pair of shoes and accessories. When it comes to shoes, as Jekaterina is spending most of the time at their honeymoon beach resort, I chose some smart comfortable white trainers for travelling and excursions,  a pair of “smart” sandals in a nude colour that goes with all her outfits and did choose some lovely flip flops too.

j7       dune      havainas

beach-bag    pauls-purse

The response from Jekaterina was fantastic as she was super happy with my “capsule wardrobe” approach and bought most of the items! She said ‘I am really impressed with the selection and really can see how all the items will mix and match and accessories are just stunning! I did not want to miss out on all the great deals also so hence urgently ordered! I appreciate greatly all the time and effort you put into this!!! This just completely made the whole trip more exciting 🙂

After receiving her clothes, Jekaterina said “I could not have felt more confident if I tried” which to me, is the best complement I can get as a Personal Stylist. You can have the best clothes in the world but if you don’t feel confident wearing them, you still won’t feel great in your skin!

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Here are some of the photos Jekaterina sent me 🙂

j2        j3       j1

j4      j5         j6

What to pack for your honeymoon?

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