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How to Look Effortlessly chic, Style TIPS

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How To Look Effortlessly Chic!

How to look effortlessly chic is actually easier than you think. Keep it SIMPLE is KEY!

In the last few weeks, I have been talking about how to declutter your wardrobe and be organised.

This will help you knowing what’s in your wardrobe and make you realize what you have and what you need, especially with the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection coming…And yes, New York Fashion week has started yesterday so it’s official, Spring is on its way! (Forget about the snow and the frost LOL…) Here are my Style tips to look chic without breaking the bank or spend hours getting ready!

#Tip 1 – Choose timeless & classic garments

Buying garments that have a classic cut for your wardrobe basics makes life easier trust me. The reason behind is that they become your “timeless basics” that you can wear season after season. Think tailored blazers, trench, A line or pencil skirt, trousers, dresses…

Karen Millen black dress, how to look effortlessly chic

#Tip 2 – Keep it in Neutral!

Neutral Colours are a great foundation to your wardrobe. Let’s face it, it makes your life easier when everything blinds together. That doesn’t mean you have to wear all black or no colours by the way! For more tips on Colours, download my free guide HERE 

Just stick to one colour palette that suits your natural colouring; and add some colours with your tops, jewellery, shoes or handbags to keep a youthful trendy look.

Neutrals , Capsule Wardrobe, how to look effortlessly chic

# Tip 3 – Monochromes

Yes! But that doesn’t mean dressing all in black every day. I would like to remind you that black DOESN’T suit everyone! (I certainly don’t look good if I wear a black top as it highlights the circles around my eyes…) You can be original and wear a full outfit in one colour, which can be very slimming as well as elongate you especially if you’re quite short. Go bold with a full white, navy or even pink outfit and see the effects it has on the people around you!

# Tip 4 – Make the fabrics work for you!

By choosing good quality fabrics such as cotton, silk, modal, suede, velvet, soft faux-fur, wool…you will not only be able to keep your garments longer but also look more “expensive” and therefore chic.

River Island Light grey faux suede trench coat, how to look effortlessly chic

# Tip 5 – Posture & Fitting!

Ensure your posture looks great when you walk and sit down so your clothes hang much nicer.

It’s great for your back but also give you a great “allure” and make you look more stylish. As I mentioned before during the wardrobe declutter video, check that your outfit doesn’t have any stain, holes and look fresh and iron. If you need somebody to fix a garment, just take to the tailor.

#Tip 6 – Body shape is key

If you don’t wear your clothes with your body shape in mind, you’re not going to show off your asset my friend so it’s crucial you know “How to dress for your body shape” (Check my Style guide HERE). This will simplify your life to know where you need to wear your stripes, the type of dress that suits you best, the necklines that flatters you…

# Tip 7 – Scarfs

As I’m French, I grew up wearing scarves from my teenage years and never stopped since. In my eyes, scarves can turn around a simple outfit into a stylish one. If it’s not something you’ve really tried before, I advise you to give it a go & see how you can start transforming your looks. I feel more stylish and “put together” when I’m wearing one, as well as warmer!

Uterque Love Psychedelia scarf, How to look effortlessly chic

# Tip 8 – Handbags

A lot of young women nowadays invest in designer handbags to look more “expensive”, trendy and stylish. It’s important to choose a style that is timeless especially if it’s expensive. It will not only keep his value or increase depending on the brand but also be a real investment in your wardrobe as you’ll be able to keep it for a long time. Don’t forget you can rent a designer handbag so you don’t have to go mad on your credit card (Places like these Fashion Hire | Designer bag boutique | Borrow from bagsy). You can also buy a second-hand handbag on great websites like Vestiaire Collective or The Real real… They authenticate the bags so you know you’re buying a genuine handbag. A great looking bag make you and your outfit stand out, so definitely worth thinking about investing in it.Chanel Handbag, How to Look effortlessly chic

# Tip 9 – Shoes

I highly recommend you investing in a nice pair of nudes as they go with everything! It’s almost like a basic for every woman’s wardrobe, yet not everyone thinks about it. Choose the type of heels you like as it’s crucial to be comfortable. You don’t want to walk like a robot or Bambi on ice.

LK Bennett nude shoes, how to look effortlessly chic

So, looking effortlessly chic is not difficult. Make sure that you’re comfortable in your outfit, stay pretty classic with a twist so you keep your look interesting and sophisticated.

I’d love to know what your signature style is. Fancy joining a group of similar minded women, head to STYLE SOS (Facebook)

Claire x  


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