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Who influence what we wear: Haute-Couture vs Bloggers?

The other day, I was listening to the radio (Women’s hour) and some famous bloggers (Monica Ainley and Camille Charriere) were interviewed about who are the fashion influencers today?

Sally Singer, creative digital director of New York Vogue said “Note to bloggers, who change head to toe, paid to wear outfits every hour, please stop, find another business, you’re heralding the death of style” to which Monica and Camille diplomatically and rightly replied, in my humble opinion, that “fashion is not military, fashion is boarding absurd, fantasy and should be fun…! Magazines are seeing a big threat with bloggers when it comes to advertising. Bloggers or instagramers who have a lot of followers are becoming the perfect media for brands, to reach a massive targeted audience  compare to before. Vogue and other editors almost imply that Haute Couture houses have a dictate over Fashion, but who are those people who think they know best and what should be worn?! Sharing fashion tips, outfit ideas, as seen on Instagram, celebs…is more about women wanted to look fabulous and find inspirations than anything else.

For designers, the midmarket is the place to be now; and that’s exactly what successful bloggers/instagramers play at! I personally think the influence of social media is making Fashion much more approachable compare to what it used to be like. Fashion is no longer reserved to the elite.

Young girls and women see their favourite bloggers with designer handbags, glasses, stationery and they want a taste of what it feels like to buy a “luxury” brand item. I think the exclusivity and the price tags of buying designers make you feel great and of value in some ways, although you really shouldn’t need to buy something expensive to make you feel that way. Is this society of consumption and materialism really got to our soul? I’ve never been the one buying designers but I remember being 18 in Dolce & Gabbana in Sloane Square, trying this black dress embraided with sequins! It was too big at the time and far too expensive for my wallet, BUT when a couple of sequins fell on the floor I kept them and cherished them for few years! How crazy is that?!! Am I the only one who’s done? Please come clean 😉

Obviously I’d love to wear some of those beautifully crafted garments, who wouldn’t?

When I see the latest collections of Chanel or Ralph&Russo this SS17, I just cannot help myself thinking “I wonder how those women feel when they wear those really exclusive garments? Pure piece of art in my eyes! Do they take it for granted because money is no object?”

As much I’d love to be extravagant, I think I’m too wise to splash tons of money on clothes because I think I can still look stylish in high street outfits. Still the quality of the design, the cut, the fabric is so much better when you buy from quality brands, right? I always tell my clients to buy quality over quantity.

This leads me to Flannels, a shop I recently visited in Swindon. I was actually amazed of the selection they had as Swindon is not famous for fashion let’s face it. We have a good selection of shops and the Designer McArthur Glenn outlet village but I didn’t expect such a selection so if you’re passing by, just have a look. Plus a lot of the items are reduced so it’s a bit of an Alibaba cavern. The staff is really friendly and it feels great. All they need is few sofas and a café and that could be my new blogging retreat!

So I just thought I’ll share with you some of the women selection there.

Victoria Beckham & Gucci



Great selection of handbags from Dolce&Gabbana, Celine, Fendi, Michael Kors…



Enjoy shopping!

Claire x

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