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Holiday Capsule Wardrobe, How to pack light

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How to pack light for your summer holiday?

You’ve been looking forward to this holiday since January, bought your fave outfits and now the JOY OF PACKING starts!     You’re thinking how on Earth can I take two weeks’ worth of clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries in one suitcase??!! Well, as a Personal Stylist my biggest advice to all of my clients and YOU is to start creating a “Capsule Wardrobe”. This means your bottoms and tops are all mixing well together in terms of colours and style. Let me show you how to pack light for your Summer Holiday.

>> So “how does this help me” (I hear you thinking!)? Well, instead of taking half of your wardrobe, think about what is your main “colour palette” that composed most of your wardrobe?

If you had your colour analysis done, you’ll know straight away what I mean. For example, my natural colouring is “muted cool” so my main colours are blues, greens, dust pink, fuchsia and purple. Don’t forget to bring some colours to your neutral basic pieces! I have compiled a guide to help you determine which colours suit you best HERE

Colour coordinate your clothes means you will avoid bringing stuff that don’t go with anything, which as a result you won’t end up wearing!

My suggested Packing list for a 2 weeks Summer Holiday would include the following;

  • 4 bottoms (shorts, skirts, cropped trousers, culotte…)
  • 8 Tops (including Smart top)
  • 2 Summer casual dresses
  • 2 Smart day to evening type of dresses
  • 1 light jacket or a shirt to cover up
  • 1 Kaftan or Scarf/sarong
  • Swimwear
  • 3 Pairs of Shoes (nude wedges/heels, comfortable flats and flip flops
  • 2 Bags (1 “mini bag” cross body that has a chain you take off so it becomes a clutch as an idea and a bigger bag that can be used for the beach)
  • Accessories (jewellery & hat)

Women Capsule Wardrobe, How to pack light

Don’t forget to take something warm as when you have been in the sun all day, you can feel a little cool in the evening. Scarves are brilliant! I’m French so say no more!! (I’m addicted to scarves !) I love their versatility as they are so useful. If you are leaving the UK on a cold day a scarf will keep you warm and stylish as well as on the plane, as we all know it can be chilly with the aircon. You can also use it as a sarong on the beach, protect yourself from the sun if you feel the burn! And wear it as a cover up in the evening if it’s slightly chilly of course.

Regarding toiletries, I tend to use small empty containers to pour my “must have” creams and then I buy the “minis” for shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, wipes…. Or you can buy all that when you arrive at your destination!

Last tip to ensure your clothes don’t crease much, is to roll them. You’ll find that you’ll save a bit of space as well so it’s all beneficial. Don’t forget you can squeeze your underwear all around the little gaps!

I also included an example I found that was for 7 day holiday in Greece as I loved how it was displayed.

7 Day Packing List, Summer capsule wardrobe

If the hotel can do your laundry then you can obviously reduce the amount of clothes you’re taking…

OK, just kidding!

You can also watch my YouTube Video below…

Have a fantastic holiday!

Please let me know how you get on in the comments below or on social media!

Since I did this video, I have actually been travelling with one suitcase for over 4 months now, so you can definitely do it!!

I’d love to hear from you on so let me know what you want advice on and I’ll blog about it.

Claire xx

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