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How to declutter your wardrobe?

How to declutter your Wardrobe?

Am I the only woman dreaming of having a large walk in wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”?

I think I’d feel like a kid in a candy shop! Anyway most of us don’t really have the luxury of such space and have to make do with normal wardrobes. I put an “s” here because some of my clients have several wardrobes or just use the wardrobes in all other spare bedrooms like my mother in law.

So with a bit of organisation, self-discipline and clever tricks you can still have a very functional wardrobe full of treasure! Right, let’s get started!

You’ll need a few hours to complete the process so you can either do it in one go or partially BUT give yourself a deadline –

NO excuses! Get the kids involved if needs be.                                    iStock_000023495039_Medium

You’ll need few things before you start such as bin bags, cleaning wipes and few other items that I tend to recommend to clients as you can see on the photos. It’s worth investing in good wooden hangers for jackets and items to create space like the “huggable hangers”, cedar balls for moth, transparent shoe boxes or better still, add a photo on the existing box, stick back up hooks on the inside of the wardrobe doors for jewellery or other items… the choice is yours. You can find those items in the various places mentioned below however please feel free to comment and share your ideas or add websites links.,,,,,,

Amazon       Ikea   John Lewis shoe storage   Lakeland

JLV hangersJewellery hanger John Lewis accessories hanger  Handbag HangerMaisonsdu monde

The goal is for you to create a wardrobe that makes you feel great when you open it and that has have clothes you feel great in and love.

So NO MORE “I’ve got tons of clothes but nothing to wear, this is depressing!”

Let’s de-clutter! Split your items including shoes, bags, accessories, ties…in 3 PILES:

1st pile consists of all the clothes, accessories, shoes, ties, hats… that you don’t want anymore

2nd pile consists of the garments you’re not sure to keep. Ask yourself if you saw it while shopping today, would you buy it?

3rd pile is made of all the items that you want to keep because they make you feel great, they fit and suit your lifestyle. I tend to sort them by item ie skirt/trousers/blouses, shirts, nice tops/ cardigans/ dresses/ jackets/ coat and per colour (from pastel to dark).

Often we want to keep things that don’t fit because we’ve paid a lot of money for those items or they have a sentimental value or we struggle to accept our new figure…

If you haven’t worn it for a year and you don’t love it anymore just get rid of or sell.

Here are few places that could help you make that step easier, especially if you have designer items as you can get some money back!

Foxtrot Vintage clothing (Marlborough): (Designer second hand shop in Marlborough) (55% commission) (75% of the sale cost) //

Next Step is to start creating a #Capsule Wardrobe so watch this space!


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