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How to Choose Your Bikini for Your Body Shape?

Every year, we, girls, get super excited and look forward to going on our holiday but the idea of having to be half naked in our bikini on the beach can be very daunting for some of us. To make things worse, everywhere you look, you see something to remind you that you are not Beach ready! From “Fake tan” creams, Get fit programmes, the Holiday “must-have” to every magazine telling you that they can make you look like a Victoria Secrets model in 4 weeks! That is until you realize you have to exercise 2 Hours a day and eat less than 1000 calories which if you are normal or slightly greedy like me that would be impossible. On top of that, Summer is usually the only time in the UK when we can enjoy a glass of vine outside with friends which I love so counting the calories is officially THE wrong season, right!?

I think doing a bit of exercise is great for you as well as eating a balance diet but I’m not one to enjoy torture to be skinny on the Beach! There is more to “life” in my book plus on holiday you drink and eat much more than usual so after few days, you’re back to where you started!

Choosing the right bikini or swimwear for your Body Shape is key to feel comfortable on the beach so in this blog I’m giving you some great tips to create the perfect visual illusion, hiding the bits you don’t like and showing off your assets! So let’s start…

# Pear or A Shape

If you have a Pear Body Shape, your bottom area is wider than your top half so it’s good for you to bring the attention toward your upper body. You need to widen the shoulders area so it counter balance with your hips. You have a well-defined waist so show it off!

Best Choice for you are:

  • Patterned and/or Bright colour top bikini
  • Horizontal Striped top
  • Details that show off your waist
  • Frills or large straps that widened your shoulders
  • Darker or muted colours for your bottom
  • Avoid shortie type and frills on the bottom

La Blanca House of Fraser PEAR SHAPE    banana-moon-stripe-bikini-R2     633783_ou_sl PEAR  RO541H035-N11@17.1 Narrow Shoulders PEAR

# Apple or O Shape

If you have an “Apple” Body Shape, you tend to be bigger on the top half of your body with fuller breasts compare to the bottom part. If you don’t have a large bust, bring the attention from your bust upwards. Best advice is to bypass your waist as it’s not defined and as usually ladies with apple shape have great legs, please show them off!

Best Choice for you are:

  • Choose supportive swimwear
  • Tops with thick straps so it will balance your larger shoulders
  • Halter necks are great to create the illusion of narrower shoulders
  • Bright or Patterned bottoms to draw attention to your flat hips and legs
  • Bottoms with tied sides or frills
  • Avoid Bandeau bikini as they might not give you enough support
  • Avoid horizontal stripes at the top half of your body as they will widen your tummy/bust area (the one below is great if you have normal size breasts)


Accessorize V shape   moontide-jacquard-stripe-maillot-C2    seafolly-block-party-DD-maillot-black- Small BOOBS

# Hourglass or 8 Shape

If you have an “hourglass” Body Shape then you are a very lucky girl as your body is really balanced, in the sense that your shoulders and hips are in line and you have a great waist definition!

You can wear pretty much every style you want so you have “carte blanche”!

  • Just ensure you choose a swimming costume or bikini that shows off your curves and great waist.
  • Make sure you get something supportive if you need it and avoid anything that hides your curves like a “shortie” type of bottom.

8 shape     r702960-p734513-front  9137535615006 Accessorize

# Rectangle or H Shape

If you have a “Rectangle” Body Shape then your shoulders, waist and hips are in line. So as you don’t have a defined waist, the trick is to create the illusion of a waist and to look more girly as this Shape is sometimes described as “boyish”. Few tips to look more like an hourglass…

  • Choose girly colours, florals, sexy to look more feminine
  • Wear frills, bows, ruffles
  • Bottom with tied sides
  • Padded top if you need a bit of bust boost!
  • One piece Swimsuit that create the illusion of a waist is great
  • Avoid any rectangle or sporty swimsuit
  • Avoid “Shortie” boyish bottoms

158000427 illusion of a waist cocobay-seafolly-kasbah-bw-high-neck-maillot-C1_1 rectangle seafolly-cabana-rose-bikini-R3      image1xxl

# V shape

If you have a “V” Body Shape then your shoulders are much wider than your hips. Your waist is not very defined but you have great legs and flat hips to show off. To create more balance you need to bring more “volume” to the bottom area, show off those legs and bring the attention to your face.

  • All the attention is on the bottom!
  • Wear frills, bows, ruffles
  • Bottom with tied sides
  • Choose girly colours, florals to look more feminine
  • Choose thin straps for your bikini as V shape tend to have small bust.
  • Avoid any horizontal stripes or patterned to the top half of your body.

seafolly-tidal-wave-blue-R9      Matthew Williamson Bikinir708298-p741803-front Tuscany

Style if you are petite   135689256 petite


And remember this when you’re on the beach! 


Let me know if you liked this blog and if you need advice on something I haven’t covered. If you don’t know your Body Shape yet, please read this

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