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Can everyone wear a maxi dress?

Misguided navy one shoulder maxi dress, can everyone wear maxi dress Revolve maxi dress, can everyone wear a maxi dress                                                   

                                               Can everyone wear a maxi dress?

Often women wonder if they can wear a maxi dress especially if they are petite or curvy.     As a petite woman and a Personal Stylist, I think maxi dresses are versatile and that every woman can wear them. What I love is that they bring this grandeur to your silhouette (think Ancient Greek statue!), you can wear a maxi dress for every occasion, from the beach to a romantic dinner or a wedding!     Of course, there are few STYLE RULES to follow to avoid the maxi dress to “swallow you” if you’re petite, to make you look like a tent if you’re curvy by creating more volume or highlight all the bits that you don’t like by wearing one that is too clingy!

Before choosing your maxi dress, you need to think about your Body Shape, the Style, the pattern and the fabric (ie is it exquisite fabric for a special occasion or is it cotton and comfortable fabric for a more casual look?) One style that suits everyone is the empire dress so in doubt, that’s a good choice!

If you are petite, avoid any horizontal stripes or patterns, go for any vertical emphasis that can be done with the cut of the dress or patterns as that will elongate you. Also, your preferred fabric should be light and fluid with smallish patterns to go with your petite silhouette.

Debenhams Coast maxi dress, can everyone wear a maxi dress

If you are a curvy woman, then the maxi dress can have great benefits like hiding large calves, thighs or your tummy. Make sure you choose the right patterns that have a vertical design as this will SLIM you down! Monochrome would also look lovely on you. The dress below is great! It has a lot of details towards the face, showing a bit of cleavage and with the cold shoulders, it hides your arms as I know for a lot of my clients, it’s an area they don’t usually love. Very sexy colour.

Asos curve Maxi dress for cuvry women

If you’re heavy on the top, make sure you have the right support with a great bra but also that you avoid the spaghetti strap as that create unbalance or halter neck as that might emphasize your large bust, which is not what you want.

Monsoon Floral maxi dress, can everyone wear a maxi dress?

Very pleated print maxi dress for curvy women

Don’t forget to bring attention towards your face with a nice necklace, earrings and makeup.

Shein green maxi dress

When it comes to shoes, just wear what’s going well with the style of your dress. If you are small like me, I would recommend wedges, platforms or heels to make you look taller but also for the dress to fall nicely.

If you are tall, this white dress has some great horizontal details.

Yoins white maxi dress

Ted Baker Fuchsia pink maxi dress, Can every woman wear a maxk dress?

To finish with the 3 tips that seems to be recurrent for the “thighs rubbing” discomfort some of you feel when it’s hot.

> Try to wear a cotton “shortie” , which apparently does work wonder.

> Talc can work for a short period of time.

> Last one, that seems to be magical for some women is Bariederm from the French make URIAGE which you can buy at (

Bariederm from Uriage,

Any questions, please do email me. I would also love to see your maxi dresses so please share on my social media so others can get some inspiration. ?

                       Claire X

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