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Best Shopping Tips to make the most of the January Sales (ENG/FR)

Best shopping Tips to ensure you don’t clutter your existing wardrobe and fit in with your budget!
To start the new year on the right foot I thought I will give you my Best Shopping Tips as let’s face it January Sales are the best thing about this month for me and I know a lot of you feel the same way!
Whether you have a tiny budget or a decent one, let’s be careful with those so-called “Bargains”!
First tip:
Have a look in your wardrobe and Assess
– What you actually need to buy to match with other items that you want to wear more often.
– What needs replacing and that is worth getting in the sale (ie Coats & Jackets, items like Dinner Jackets, evening dresses…)
– What you really would love to buy.
Second tip:
Prepare your list of items and STICK to it.
If you decide to shop online, beware of the extra delivery charges so you may want to combine few items or choose the “click and collect” option as long you don’t get tempted to buy more when you get in the shop (as some of us do !!!)
If your budget is really restraint perhaps a little necklace or a scarf can do the trick until the next season or do some extra hints as Valentine Day is not so far away!
Third tip:
– When you choose your item please ensure the colour suits your face and that the fit suits your body shape.
Last  IMPORTANT tip:
If you don’t love it, don’t buy it! it would only end up in your wardrobe not worn and possibly with the label on (LOL, NOT!)

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