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Gift Voucher – Women’s Colour / Style Consultation


Style Speaks Before You Do!

Do you feel your style reflects who you currently are?

Have you experienced some personal or professional life changes and you are a bit lost with your style?

A great figure is more about creating illusions of a balanced and proportioned body than of perfect height and weight. This consultation will help you understand your body and what is best for your morphology and your face as well as your lifestyle.

Together we will also identify your wardrobe personality and give you the right tips on how to develop your own style. This will help you to shop with confidence and create a coordinated wardrobe.

Make colour work for you!

Did you know that wearing the wrong colours can make you look tired and washed out?
Are you aware of the impact that the colours you wear have on how you feel and also on the reaction created in others which can be very important for work?
Do you tend to wear too much black or are you simply unsure of what your best colours are?

By discovering your best colours based on the natural colouring of your hair, eyes and skin tone you will instantly look healthier and possibly even younger. Compliments guaranteed!

Save time and money while shopping! The benefits of this consultation will last a lifetime.

This gift voucher will provide:

  • Store Credit of £190.00


Product Description

What is included?

  • Your personalised 36 colour swatch to help you while shopping.
  • A make-up session.
  • A portfolio of advice on how to wear your colours best.
  • Your personal portfolio of advice on the best necklines, accessories, shapes of clothes, lengths and patterns that suit you.


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