Do you know what colours work for you?

Do you fancy knowing what your best colours are so that your skin radiates, your teeth look whiter and your eyes sparkle? Wearing the right colours for you will truly make you feel amazing and your colour swatch will last you a lifetime so it’s a great investment.


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Women Trends A/W2017

The women trends A/W 2017 are staying in tune with what we’ve seen in the last 3 or 4 winter seasons. Do the fashion world suddenly wake up to the idea that our consuming society is not good for the environment? I don’t think so Valentino! One can dream… Anyway,[…]

Hush-UK.Com jumper, how to hide your tummy

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How to Hide Your Tummy

How to hide your Tummy is something I have been doing for a long time as I used to go to the gym, dance samba…but since I had my children, I’ve not been very disciplined with exercise. And as a personal Stylist, I know it’s an area that a lot[…]

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Can everyone wear a maxi dress?

                                                                                                    Can everyone wear a maxi dress? Often women wonder if they can wear a maxi dress especially if they are petite or curvy.     As a petite woman and a Personal Stylist, I think maxi dresses are versatile and that every woman can wear them. What I love is[…]

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe, How to pack light

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How to pack light for your summer holiday?

You’ve been looking forward to this holiday since January, bought your fave outfits and now the JOY OF PACKING starts!     You’re thinking how on Earth can I take two weeks’ worth of clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries in one suitcase??!! Well, as a Personal Stylist my biggest advice to all[…]