Do you know what colours work for you?

Do you fancy knowing what your best colours are so that your skin radiates, your teeth look whiter and your eyes sparkle? Wearing the right colours for you will truly make you feel amazing and your colour swatch will last you a lifetime so it’s a great investment.


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What to pack for a weekend away?

  You’ve been planning your weekend away or “escapade” for weeks. You’ve booked your hotel, researched what are the best things to do and where are the best bars/restaurants. Now you’re left with “PACKING”, and if you are like most people it’s something you dread! For me it’s the unpacking[…]

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Fashion trends Spring/Summer 2017

My Fashion trends Spring/Summer 2017 Favourites are finally ready! Every year, Pantone releases a report with the colours that should be trending. This Season, you’ve probably notice already a variety of shades of pink, blue, primrose yellow, greenery and orange flame… All colours are wearable which is a great news ladies,[…]


Who influence what we wear: Haute-Couture vs Bloggers?

The other day, I was listening to the radio (Women’s hour) and some famous bloggers (Monica Ainley and Camille Charriere) were interviewed about who are the fashion influencers today? Sally Singer, creative digital director of New York Vogue said “Note to bloggers, who change head to toe, paid to wear outfits[…]

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How To Choose Your Coat For Your Body Shape?

                    Winter Coats are definitely a key piece in your wardrobe as they show your personality and Style to the “rest of the world”. Ok you’re going to say that’s a bit dramatic Claire but it’s true! We all agree that coats or winter jackets tend to be the[…]